Out of the depths of space,
matter-energy coalesces
to form a galaxy. Out of
the writer's creativity,
Poetic Paintings and Word Songs
coalesced to form a collection.
As one reads through this quality
work, chords echo within.
It is hoped this Poetry Galaxy
of a lifetime will bring you music.

Experience a unique moment in time. What a priviledge to discover
this encompassing work.
During every reading, Poetry Galaxy seems more animated;
reaching in to touch your spirit, commanding you to see the world
with new eyes, bringing astonishment
and, sometimes joy.
(for Poetry Galaxy)



"Disciplines of Being" © consists of the eight rules of living. They will serve as a companion and guide, bringing order, harmony, and understanding, while you travel your chosen path.

This Limited Edition philosophical artwork has been professionally created using the highest print quality and very heavy stock. It is beautifully suitable for framing.

"Disciplines of Being" © is shipped flat, never rolled.


"Disciplines of Being" Wall Art 17.25 x 11.5 inches

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